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Chetak vs Stella my hands on review

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Chetak vs Stella my hands on review
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I went to my local Kawasaki dealer yesterday. I was at the airport and it was close by. My intentions were to go and look at the new 4 stroke Stella to compare, just to see what all the hoopla is about.

I was surprised that the dealer had probably 15 Buddies and 6 or 7 Stellas. Only one on the showroom floor though, a 2 stroke. The rest were kept in the back. My sales person seemed knowledgeable about Genuine's products. He also said that none of the 4 stroke Stellas had ever come back with any major repairs needed, the 2 strokes were a different story.

The paint looks nice on the Stellas, prob about the same level as Bajaj. Things like the choke rod had overspray etc.. All of the colors were nice, bright and shiny. The latches that hold the cowls on are different, they are under the seat instead of on the outside like our Chetaks. Makes the transition from body to cowl look smoother. Minor things.

Of course, I asked to ride and the salesman said sorry they don't let people test ride the scooters.

I explained the the bike I ride everyday is basically the same bike and I was thinking of replacing it with a Stella. He told me of the 4.5% financing on Genuine products and got some other info from me. I'm thinking that if I go thru the process and look really interested, I can ride the Stella.

I checked the Stella over with a fine tooth comb and must admit, it is nice, but $3600 nice? I don't know.

The sales person told me I was approved which I didn't really expect, but it was nice to know I could get one if I wanted.
So now could I ride one? He sincerely said his management just will not let anyone test the scooters. Store policy.

Well, I went out to my car disappointed. When I got in, it went click, click click, battery dead.

Any normal person would have dealt with the battery and moved on, but I took it as a sign.

Went back in and bought the Djon yellow Stella. I know, impulsive, but I really wanted one and I try to be open to whatever signs the universe gives me Very Happy ($92/month, 0 down)

I borrowed a helmet and rode the aprox 70 miles back to my house, trying to vary my speed the whole way for break-in.

First impressions is that the Stella sits higher and has a stiffer suspension. (Keep in mind, my Chetak has aprox 6000 miles on it)

The clutch is really heavy, it puts a strain on your hand, but it stays in gear. My chetak I'm always knocking it out of gear by messing with the handle. The Stella handle stays in the correct gear. You really have to try and move it.

It will get up to 60mph, where my Chetak tops out close to 55.

Sometimes when I'm riding my Chetak over a big bridge and the wind hits me just right on the left side I feel really unstable. Don't know why and it could just be me. Well my journey yesterday took me over plenty of overpasses and bridges and I didn't get that feeling once.

Would I recommend someone selling there Chetak and going in debt for a new Stella, no.

It is just not different enough. If your Chetak is running good keep it. However, my yellow Stella got lots of waves and smile from drivers, sidewalk people etc... The Stella defiantly has the flash and is more reconcilable than my silver Chetak.

I'm happy I got the Stella and really like it, but it was a flash decision that I'll spend 3 yrs paying off

If anyone has anything specific to ask, let me know and I'll post it
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Thats a sweet bike.

I have MotoStrada's left over stock.
If you need anything please let me know.
Email is best
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Pics please.

I am planning to get the 4 stroke model which is LML in India during december.
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J. Scootbat

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I too have done a side by side comparison of the two bikes.
Please bear in mind that these are only my personal observations.
I own a Chetak, I do not own a Stella.

The main advantage the Stella has over the Chetak is that the Stella is still in production.
The Stella also comes with more colour options. Aside from that is it worth $3600-3800?
Simply put, no.
Look closely at the frame. The welds are sloppy. Beginning trade school bad. I'm not asking for flawless welds,
but I think they should be cleaner than they are. It calls into question the overall build quality.

The headset. Personally, I've never liked the "P" style headset. The Bajaj headset design is cleaner and better looking.

The Engine: Only time (and regular oil changes ) will tell if they have what it takes to go the distance.
One additional note on the engine, it actually has an oil filter as well as the traditional oil screen. This should be good for the engine if your mechanic
or you remember to change it. (It is accessed on the battery side)

Shifting is clunky but then so was my Chetak before it got properly adjusted and broken in.

In short, the Stella is not bad but it is not great or even a replacement for the Chetak.
My advise is to do what you can to keep your Chetak rolling. You will be happier in the long run.

'04 Chetak
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